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For sole proprietors and big business. For purchasing pros and occasional buyers. Amazon Business has solutions and benefits that meet the needs of all businesses.

Price SavingsBusiness price savings

Receive exclusive price and quantity discounts on more than 5 million products. Shop our competitive marketplace to find the best prices.

Business-only prices

Amazon Business now offers price discounts just for businesses on millions of products across Amazon.

Quantity pricing

We offer price breaks on multi-unit purchases on millions of products. Save more when you buy more.

Compare offers

Satisfy your sourcing requirements: See multiple offers from a variety of sellers on a single page.

Shipping Benefits

Fast, convenient shipping

Give your business access to Amazon’s world-class fulfillment capabilities.

FREE Two-Day Shipping

Unlimited fast free shipping on millions of eligible items with Business Prime Shipping. Learn more

Amazon fulfillment

Benefit from Amazon’s world-class logistics network. Choose how and when you want your order delivered.

Prime shipping

Apply your Prime shipping benefits to your Amazon Business account at no additional cost. Learn more

Pallet shipping

If your order qualifies, we will deliver it on a pallet to your receiving dock or doorstep. In either case, with pallet shipping, you receive one consolidated delivery

Business Products

Business products

Give your team access to the hundreds of millions of products on Amazon’s vast marketplace. Whether you work in healthcare or hospitality, technology or construction – whatever your field, we have what you need.

Business-only products

Our suppliers now make a growing number of their products available exclusively to businesses.

Amazon’s selection

From IT to janitorial, from office to restaurant supplies, Amazon has hundreds of millions of products to choose from.

Integrate purchasing systems

We are enabled as a catalog on more than 30 leading systems. Configure your system and start shopping. Learn more

Seller credentials

Discover sellers with attributes such as small business, women owned and minority owned.

Account Management

Account management

Add your team to a single Amazon account, create approval workflows and gain visibility into how your business is spending on Amazon.

Multi-user accounts

Connect your team, create purchasing groups to match your org structure, and share payment methods.

Approval workflows

Customize your order approvals, set spending limits and manage your organization’s buying on Amazon.

Reporting and analytics

Track and monitor spending by your organization with dynamic charts and data tables. Learn more


Image result for younger brothers quotes

       One early morning me and my younger brothers went to the rice field to plant rice. When we reach there we started immediately. As we were planting rice my younger brother JJ started get paranoid.He throw a mud to his older brother named VJ Boy. He said “stop it before I get angry”.


Image result for younger brothers quotesBut JJ don’t mind what he said so he throw a mud again. The mud was hit in the face of VJ Boy and he was totally get angry. They hit each other’s faces with mud, to the point that myself cannot but to stop them from what they do. But they did not listen to me, so I decided to joined them in throwing some MUD GAME. We enjoy it at the same time we feel worried because we know that our father will scolded us.

Why is ECT so controversial?

Electroshock Therapy

               The medical community introduced Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), or Electroshock therapy, as a medical therapy in the 1930s. The procedureinvolves placing electrodes on the forehead and passing electrical currents into the brain. The electricity then causes a seizure which lasts 30 to 60 seconds on average.

After 60 years of use, ECT is still the most controversial psychiatric treatment.  Much of the controversy surrounding ECT revolves around its effectiveness vs. the side effects, the objectivity of ECT experts, and the recent increase in ECT as a quick and easy solution, instead of long-term psychotherapy or hospitalization.

Because of the concern about permanent memory loss and confusion related to ECT treatment, some researchers recommend that the treatment only be used as a last resort.  It is also unclear whether or not ECT is effective.  In some cases, the numbers are extremely favorable, citing 80 percent improvement in severely depressed patients, after ECT.  However, other studies indicate that the relapse is high, even for patients who take medication after ECT.  Some researchers insist that no study proves that ECT is effective for more than four weeks.

During the last decade, the “typical” ECT patient has changed from low-income males under 40, to middle-income women over 65.  This coincides with changing demographics.  The increase in the elderly population and Medicare, and the push by insurance companies to provide fast, “medical” treatment rather than talk therapy.  Unfortunately, concerns have been raised concerning inappropriate and even dangerous treatment of elderly patients with heart conditions, and the administration of ECT without proper patient consent.

             Today, patients reImage result for Electroshock Therapycceive anesthesia and electricity doses that are much more controlled. This makes the therapy much safer, according to the Mayo Clinic. Patients also receive muscle relaxers that prevent the convulsive seizure most people think of.

             Even with modern changes, the treatment still has generally the same side-effects. It can damage short-term memory and, in rare cases, cause serious heart problems.

             ECT is never used as a first line therapy, mostly because of its undesirable side effects and stigma. Today, it is more common to use talk therapy or pharmaceuticals to treat psychiatric issues.






                       First of all before I  would like to say good day to all of the readers. Enjoy reading….. Well actually, when our teacher told us to create our own account in Blog I feel a light of excitement. I miss this moment to sign up an account in the computer laboratory. I also want to share stories in the other account so this is it.  This is my chance to share stories in life.

                       So IRRITABLE!!! that’s I can say  when I sign up in blog. Why? Because when I started searching in the WordPress it’s so loading. So what I’ve did,  I’ll just keep on clicking refresh refresh … but still it’s so loading maybe we are already overloaded who occupying in the com.lab. or maybe the internet connection is just slow so I decided wait. And then, when I’ve got what I search, my mind perplexing or shall we say I was confusing what should I do next and to tell you honestly,  I’am not listening to our teacher when she discuss about this “CREATING A BLOG” because I can’t gets or understand what she discussed maybe I can understand that all when I  hands on the computer. So I ask my classmates but they also don’t know but suddenly my classmate RJCael shouted “YES!! I’ve got it I got it” so I ask him to help me and he teach me, and success I have know a blog.

                       By help of my classmate I made my account on that time. I fell free when I was done. I also  learn some lesson when I created a blog that “I should listen attentively” for good and  this is just for me so I should be responsible. For now I want to explore MY BLOG. I also want to know more about blog because any successful keeping me things interesting.